Player Killers' Exchange

Kill players and exchange their deaths for nano. 3 player kills or 33 NPC kills are required to cashout.

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Name Nano Flag
x 25.000038055
Xengir 12.314786767
Y 12.140005138
Budda420DK 11.009740058
Grimlock 9.743646380
Budda420DK 9.271958783
Y 9.030490633
Pewpew 7.334519425
Y 4.939542959
x 4.416821438
popraaqs 3.859741195
popraaqs 3.785537190
Goblin 3.068024777
zzz 2.814163259
a 2.666075743
Y 2.446674317
Oraternative 2.163306432
John Wick 2.060396820
5GisTheDevil-ResearchIt 1.954919471
John Wick 1.949690629
Zbebb 1.908646377
John Wick 1.845568006
John Wick 1.831166382
5GisTheDevil-ResearchIt 1.709295307
nilsen 1.662496873
John Wick 1.577293322
Y 1.520491170
John Wick 1.478263907
mumba 1.474474454
I_Heem_I 1.348392044
John Wick 1.330424299
John Wick 1.114726529
Da Umega 1.100073740

5 players online


Kill NPCs to collect weapons, equipment, and special items.

Collect blood samples to upgrade your character with transformation potions.

Follow the directions at the top of your screen to find other players and objectives.

Play with friends or your entire clan via team invites.


Press the cashout button or reload the page for instant payment. Your character must be alive with 3 player kills or 33 NPC kills qualify.


Overall concept and implementation by provolone.

The Player Killers' Exchange utilizes free assets provided by Open Game Art.

Contributing artists are not responsible for the webmaster's publishing efforts. Inclusion within credits.txt should not be construed as an endorsement of the webmaster's infamy.

Special thanks to the Melon.js team and the Nano Center.

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