Player Killers' Exchange

Kill players and exchange their deaths for open metaverse currency. 3 player kills or 33 NPC kills are required to cashout.

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High Scores
Name OMC Flag
|- |- O 3.7778
Raiga-kun 2.5857
RageQ? 2.3393
alpha 2.0436
finka 1.9259
zeus* 1.3355
sasaq 1.1248
kaczord 1.0335
Vince08 1.0165
Raiga-kun 0.9829
Асасин 0.9670
сахара21 0.9600
йцукен 0.9600
J M B 0.8335
король ио 0.7082

No Deposit Bonus

Free play is available. You will be able to cashout.

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The current bid is 1 OMC. This will increase as more players join.


Overall concept and implementation by provolone.

The Player Killers' Exchange utilizes free assets provided by Open Game Art.

Contributing artists are not responsible for the webmaster's publishing efforts. Inclusion within credits.txt should not be construed as an endorsement of the webmaster's infamy.

Special thanks to the Melon.js team.

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